Report from the Socialist Alternative National Convention – Episode 49.5

Paul and Sean couldn’t find a time to record this week, so instead Sean served up a short report from the recent Socialist Alternative (SA) national convention in Chicago. Come for a brief intro to SA’s history, politics, and perspectives; stay for some thoughts on what even non-socialists have to learn from the SA convention.

Finally, remember that this coming week, we’ll be tackling chapters 1 and 2 of Marx and Engels’s The Communist Manifesto (1848) as part of the Impolitic reading series. As always, we’d love to hear from listeners with questions and comments on the reading. If you’d like us to discuss your comment on air, please submit it via email, Twitter, or Facebook by Friday, Nov. 2.

Musical Credits: Members of Socialist Alternative singing “The Internationale.”

Alexa, Is Amazon Evil? – Episode 41

On this week’s installment, Paul and Sean discuss all things Amazon: from Seattle’s recently-thwarted head tax to US cities’ humiliating efforts to become the site of HQ2. Afterwards, they mull the ethics of making life hellish for Trump’s inner circle.