Attack on Syria & Expanding Your Time Horizon – Episode 34

Ep 34 Meme

After Paul’s job announcement, the guys lambaste the Trump administration’s unconstitutional missile strikes on Syria and the hawkish media response. Then Paul criticizes the limited time horizon of single issue voters in the 2016 election.

John Bolton; or, When a Mustache Becomes Sentient and Decides to Start a Land War in Asia – Episode 31

<> on February 22, 2018 in National Harbor, Maryland.

While the media doesn’t know what to make of the Austin bomber’s involvement in a mysterious group called “Righteous Invasion of Truth,” Paul is there for us with an intimate knowledge of obscure facts about ’90s contemporary Christian youth culture. Meanwhile, Sean rhapsodizes about the benefits of worker co-ops, ignoring Paul’s scornful and clearly jealous criticisms. Finally, the guys unite behind a mutual horror of Trump’s nomination of John Bolton as National Security Adviser.