Live from the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

Do you like cars? Do you not like cars? If so, then you’ll love this episode of Impolitic in which car-and-racing-lover Sean schools car-and-racing-apathetic Paul on the joys of motorsport. This tour down Gasoline Alley was prompted by our recent review of 2019’s Ford v. Ferrari, the greatest dad movie ever made and the latest installment in Impolitic Goes to the Movies, available only to our wonderful Patreon subscribers.

Empire Comes Home

Paul and Sean locate the Atlanta murders in the United States’ century-plus history of imperialist violence in Asia. Paul introduces the world’s most powerful college administrator: Bob Jones University’s ‘Dean of Men.’ Sean asks for a reality check regarding some legal labor arcana. And they round out the show with a few thoughts on Netflix’s extremely horny documentary, The Last Tsars.

Enter the Age of Malarkey

Credits: YouTube

Greetings from a new epoch! In this, Impolitic’s first dispatch from the Joseph R. Biden’s Age of Malarkey, Paul and Sean do a deep read of Trump’s farewell address. They lament the tedium of liberal cultural hegemony, courtesy of America United, the star-studded inauguration night spectacular. And they think about the pros and cons of Big Tech’s seemingly (and perhaps temporarily) effective move to de-platform MAGA World.

Lethal Christmas

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Die Hard? NO! Die Hard is over; done; played-out! The definitive 80s-action-cum-Christmas-movie is now and will forever be Lethal Weapon (1987). Join Paul and Sean on a holly, jolly tour through the be-mulleted, cocaine-fueled, wet, glistening 1980s, with Danny Glover and pre-cancellation Mel Gibson as your guides. Come for the riffs about men’s poor skin care in the Reagan era; stay to find out if this is or is not a real Christmas movie!

How to Fix It

This week, Paul and Sean accidentally stumble into a long-planned discussion of institutional and electoral reforms that might reinject life into the shambling body of US politics, from ranked-choice voting and packing the House to reapportioning Senate seats by population and instituting term limits for SCOTUS.  

(Re)Action(ary) Park

Paul and Sean check in on school reopenings and Jerry Falwell Jr. Both are faring poorly. They then cast their eyes upon the bleak landscapes of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, consider the mounting carnage of both police and paramilitary violence, and close by reflecting on the ideology of theme parks – a topic inspired by the HBO documentary Class Action Park about notorious New Jersey pleasure palace Action Park.

An Uneventful July!

After a several-week hiatus, Paul and Sean recap the events of the July, from school re-openings and COVID spikes throughout the Sunbelt to the appearance of secret police in American cities and liberals’ symbolic sops to BLM. Paul also discusses life as a newly-minted Mainer and Sean celebrates the return of (a cynically woke) Formula One.

Reform, Defund, or Abolish the Police? All of the Above!

Paul and Sean reflect on their respective brushes with Z-list celebrity: Paul as a result of The Radio Right’s forthcoming publication; and Sean as a consequence of his internationally-viral Twitter thread. Next, they consider the relative merits of reforming, defunding, and abolishing the police, with side reflections on fascism, military dictatorship, and public sector unionism. Finally, they share their thoughts on Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and conclude with high praise for modern Nerf gun technology.