The Dirtbag Left, Reince Priebus Makes Martin Van Buren Cry – Episode 2

This week, Sean proposes that the Dirtbag Left is less sinister and more promising than the recent media coverage of it suggests. Paul discusses the curious case of Reince Priebus, who despite being one of the shortest-serving White House Chiefs of Staff, will leave a mark as one of the longest-serving Republican National Committee Chairmen as well as being the man most responsible for the election of Donald J. Trump.

2 thoughts on “The Dirtbag Left, Reince Priebus Makes Martin Van Buren Cry – Episode 2

  1. I had never heard of the Dirtbag left before. I’ll keep my eyes open to see if they make it into mainstream news.

    Paul, as good as your commentary is, you could never do a Vox video. You don’t have the uptalk in your voice that Vox apparently requires of its narrators.

    I am surprised at how little of the podcast so far is about Trump. But it’s also refreshing. What I mean is that we all have Trump fatigue, but we’re also addicted, so getting something else is nice. I have to say though that it was also nice when the gloves came off during the last few minutes.


    1. Thanks for listening, Alfredo!

      Here’s a few of the articles on the Dirtbag Left that Sean and I mentioned in the podcast. (We should get in the habit of posting them anyways, so thanks for the reminder.)

      Ha! Vox is a regular part of my media diet, so it’s entirely possible their rhetoric is rubbing off on me.

      The relative shortage of Trump material is intentional. We suffer from Trump exhaustion too; plus, there are a ton of great podcasts given the blow-by-blow of Trump scandals. I’d rather do stuff that’s Trump-adjacent as a kind of entry point into a topic, but focusing on giving it both a radical and historical spin. That was the goal, for example, of doing evangelical support for Trump in episode one, focusing on evangelical motivations rather than Trump per se and connecting it back to white massive resistance. Same with Priebus and party structure.

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