Polish Shenanigans, Guns, and Rebranded Indentured Servitude – Episode 26

This week, Impolitic hosts its first ever guest, Dr. William Cossen. After a conversation about teaching slavery in the high school classroom, Sean, Paul, and Bill talk about the Polish government’s new ad campaign denying any culpability for the German death camps in Poland during WW2. Then, our hosts disagree about how best to push for gun control. Finally, everyone joins in to criticize a proposal to allow Americans to sponsor immigrants in an inferior form of modern-day indentured servitude.

The Nunes Footnote – Episode 25

Ep 25 Meme

Last week, Devin Nunes gave us the opposite of a masterclass in the effective use of a memo; this week, he returns with the footnote. Then, Sean gets annoyed at the liberal fascination with self-described futurist Eric Garland’s bloviated twitterstorms. He also laments the direction of the excellent podcast Embedded in its latest season as it bogs down in the minutiae of Trump’s sketchy business relationships with various and sundry Russians.  Finally, Paul and Sean question whether the recent stock market drop is a market correction and they finish up with a few thoughts on pomp, parades, and circumstance.

Where Did Glenn Greenwald Go Wrong? – Episode 24

Ep 24 Meme

Sean and Paul consider releasing a classified memo about Impolitic’s secret financing by lizard-people overlords (it’s still more meaningful than Devin Nunes’s memo). Paul compares Donald Trump to George Wallace on his rhetorical use of black unemployment rates to defend against charges of racism. Sean discovers the verbosity of George Will in a fundraising letter. After a quick update from a listener on our sponsor, our untenured radicals then play a “fun” game of “Match-the-Nativist-Quote,” you know, that game that children have played for generations alongside hopscotch and Pokemon. Finally, socialist and civil libertarian Glenn Greenwald falls prey to the original sin of the ideologue: the failure to hold contradictory ideas in one’s head simultaneously.

Amnesty is the American Way – Episode 23

Ep 23 Meme

This week, Sean and Paul describe their distaste for the phrase, “The Right Side of History™,” discuss a counter-intuitive interpretation of the Republican tax bill’s capping of state/local tax deductibility, and get really, really pissed at the Trump administration’s nativist immigration policies.

Komrade Kardashian? – Episode 22

Ep 22 Meme

After discussing Presidential affairs–both fictional and real–Paul makes a comparison between underemployed philosophes during the French Revolution and the underemployed intellectuals supporting both radical Left and Right during the age of Trump. Sean then calls for a renewed socialist commitment to internationalism, in particular support for free trade agreements that protect workers’ rights. Then these two (underemployed) intellectuals talk about the questionable fashion choices of the (overemployed) Kim Kardashian.

Welcome Back, Cossack! Season Two Grab-Bag Kick-Off Extravaganza! – Episode 21

Impolitic E21 Meme

Season two of Impolitic kicks off with a (Soviet) bang, as Sean imagines a Cossack in 1917 Petrograd confronting the spectre of an underwhelming musical / bio-pic of P.T. Barnum. Then, Sean and Paul talk about what they were up to over the holiday break, namely the pleasant if apathetic state of politics in France and an incident of whitesplaining at the American Society of Church History’s annual conference. They also cover Trump’s latest racist dribbling, give an update on their net neutrality conversation, and close with some thoughts on which MLK we should commemorate on Monday.

Net Neutrality Isn’t Neutral – Episode 20

Ep 20 Meme

In this final episode of the first season of Impolitic, Sean and Paul discuss the rent-seeking aspects of net neutrality, why socialists are relatively disengaged with the issue, and the future of social media. Sponsored by the testicular fortitude of John “Goat Gland” Brinkley.